LIAT, The Caribbean Airline will continue flying
across the region. This statement comes from the Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Julie Reifer-
Jones in response to recent media reports about the airline. She is reassuring passengers
that the airline will continue to operate in a safe and efficient manner to provide
connectivity and service to the region.
Mrs. Reifer-Jones noted that while the airline is in a challenging financial situation, LIAT
has continued flying through the region with support from its principal shareholders: the
Governments of Barbados, Antigua & Barbuda, St. Vincent & the Grenadines and Dominica.
She noted, however, that the airline has also been operating to destinations where there
has been no support from governments and authorities to ensure that critical connectivity
Mrs. Jones advised that the current discussions with Regional Governments are intended
to put in place new arrangements which provide a basis for sharing the burden amongst
all the countries currently benefitting from LIAT’s services. She also noted that all
stakeholders, whether labour, suppliers or financiers will be called upon to make
adjustments aimed at achieving a viable airline operation.
The airline has already been working to improve its On-Time Performance, and she
indicated that 83% of the airline’s flights were on time in 2018.
The airline is currently undergoing a restructuring exercise which is expected to improve
the operations of the airline as the company moves to build a sustainable model.
LIAT currently operates 491 flights weekly across its network of 15 destinations.