Barbados – Gas price up by one cent

Barbados – Gas price up by one cent

BARBADOS TODAY- Consumers is paying more for gasoline and diesel effective midnight Sunday.

The retail price of gasoline will be adjusted from BDS $3.56 per litre to $3.57 per litre, an increase of 0.01 cent. The price of diesel will increase by 0.20 cents per litre, moving from $2.89 per litre to $3.09 per litre.

Meanwhile, the price of kerosene and liquefied petroleum gas remain unchanged.

Kerosene will continue to retail at $1.40 per litre. Liquefied petroleum gas will continue to retail as adjusted at December 2, 2018. The 100lb cylinder will retail for $163.07, the 25lb cylinder at $45.87, the 22lb cylinder at $40.53, and the 20lb cylinder at $36.84.

These price adjustments are in keeping with Government’s policy of allowing retail prices to be reflective of those on the international market. (BGIS)