Mr Bullen is Calpyso Monarch song writer -IPA

Mr Bullen is Calpyso Monarch song writer -IPA

Former Calypso King Grantly “Ipa’ Constance has sought to cleared the air regarding a controversial song he has released for the 2019 Calypso season.

Speaking during a press briefing which was held by the SVG Calypsonians Association yesterday, Mr. Constance says the Lyrics in his song are not to defame reigning Calpso King Zamfir “Man Zangie” Adams but instead they are a humorous play on reality.

He says the Writer of Man Zangie’s songs, his correct name is Sheldon Nugget Bulling and he just processed the words in a humorous way while singing about the writer’s name.

Ipa says “and people have this notion why I say Mr. Bullen but Mr. Bullen is the person who writes for Zangie, his name is Sheldon Nugget Bullen, and people tend to have a problem with that”.

He adds that “In looking at Cricket I Know it have a cricketer from England his name is Side-Bottom, so when the Commentary says Side-Bottom is running up with the ball and bowl, you can’t tell the momentary not to say Side-Bottom”.

He says “If Kitchener was writing for Zangie, I would have say Kitchener writing his song but it’s not Kitchener writing his song, its not Sparrow Writing his song, its not Ipa writing his song…its Mr. Bullen writing his song and people having a problem with that, I can’t see how people making an issue out of it”.

Mr. Constance says he also wrote other lyrics in his song regarding what is said by the every-day man on the street because this is what the true essence of Calypso music is.

He says issues such as Man Zangie being a Police Officer and a member of the Police Band that plays for the Calypso finals were also mentioned in his song.