Glen resident Reynold Ledger was bonded for one year at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, after pleading guilty to stealing six mature breadfruits valued $30.00.
In breach of the bond, Ledger would have to pay the Court $500 forthwith or go to prison for two months.
The breadfruits were stolen from Corlita Ryan of Glenside, Mesopotamia, Friday, June 7.
Ledger was charged under the Criminal Code.
The Court heard that Ryan knows Ledger, and he is in the habit of stealing her crops.
Around 2:30 pm. on the date in question, Ryan saw Ledger leaving her premises with a white sack. She approached him and he admitted to the offence.
Interestingly, Ledger, responding to questions from the Magistrate, said he did not know his age, date of birth, or what month is Christmas.
Burnett, who knows the defendant, said that Ledger was not lying when he said he had no knowledge of certain things.
Burnett did not go into details.

Ledger was previously taken before the Court for stealing $50 from his father, and promised to repay the money. To date, this has not been done.