ANN was reliably informed that a fishing boat with two Vincentians onboard was found by the Montserrat police on  Sunday evening.

A  Source told ANN that one passenger was severely burned while the other has minor injuries.

The dead man was identified as Andrew Layne of Diamond.

ANN contacted the sister of Layne on Monday, who told ANN that the local police contacted the family to inform them of the incident and that her brother had died.

When asked if her brother went fishing the sister reply ” I don’t know and I can’t give information about what I don’t know “. She further stated that her brother always tells her when he is leaving the country. “my brother would say ‘SIS ‘ am not in the country, but this time he said nothing to me”. 
The sister told ANN the last time she saw her brother was last Sunday when he left home, he took food with him and said he was going to the beach.

“After he didn’t return home I called his number but didn’t get a reply, I called another gentleman number who is always in the company of my brother and didn’t get an answer.” She told ANN

The sister told ANN that she and her brother have a close relationship and she and the family was shocked upon receiving the terrible news .

“My brother know everything about boat so I cannot understand how he would die on a boat like that, she lamented.

The next passenger  was inditifed as Lesley Glasgow,who is said to be a  resident of the Marriaqua Consistuency .

ANN couldn’t ascertained  the condition  of Glasgow.