Commissioner of Police Colin John says he would not be commenting further on the matter of the sexual assault allegation made against him by a female police officer.

John categorically denied the allegation when contacted by the newspapers last week.
Earlier this week, Dwight ‘Bing’ Joseph, who hosts the OMG In The Morning programme on BOOM 106.9, invited the police commissioner to call to respond to the allegation. When the commissioner called he made it clear that he preferred not to be on air at the time but that it was out of respect that he responded to the call.
“I made certain comments to the printed media last week and I am prepared to stick by that. I do not wish to go any further. I have what I will regard more important things to do – which is basically my occupation,” the commissioner stated.

The police commissioner said he preferred to be concentrating on his job as commissioner of police than to be addressing the personal matter of an allegation made against him. He regarded the manner in which the allegation is being dealt with as having been blown out of proportion.
“It is something that I have to deal with but I’d really prefer to occupy my time doing what I’m paid to do instead of really dealing with personal issues and personal allegations,” John said.

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