The question of Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves not visiting Canada for years is in the air again.

Opposition senator Kay Bacchus-Baptiste raised the issue last Friday when she spoke at the town hall meeting in Montreal, Canada, which was organized by the opposition New Democratic Party.
“I wonder when we will see Ralph Gonsalves here? NDP senator Kay Bacchus-Baptiste asked and someone replied: “He ain’t coming.”
Senator Baptiste then asked the crowd; “What do you think?”
Almost the same response was heard as someone shouted; “He not coming.”
For some years now, after Vincentian/Canadian Margaret Parsons made the allegation in 2008 that he had sexually assaulted her, Prime Minister Gonsalves has not gone to Canada.
Parsons has alleged that she was at the prime minister’s office in 2003 discussing constitutional reform when the incident occurred. She said he groped her, ripped her blouse and tried to have sex with her on his office couch but she managed to get away and she fled from his office.
The Prime Minister has vehemently denied the allegation.
A private complaint against Dr. Gonsalves was filed in court subsequent to her allegation. However,then Director of Public Prosecutions Colin Williams took over the matter and discontinued it.