On October 27th we will be celebrating 39 years of independence. Many may question how independent we are but we have accomplished a great deal over the years and we must be thankful. Successive governments and many persons have done a lot to get us where we are today. We must feel proud. While we acknowledged and thanked those who have done our country proud. We must not forget that there are lots more to be done and many challenges are ahead.
The unemployment rate is too high and crime and violence is out of control for a small country like ours. Domestic violence, especially on our women must be done away with and sexual assaults on our young girls and women must be stopped and the guilty parties must be made to pay for their heinous acts.
Our young people need opportunities to excel in their many and varied talents. Health care must be available to all and at a reasonable cost while at the same time healthy lifestyles must be encouraged. Agriculture and fisheries must be tapped so that there full potential can be realized and we should be able to feed our small population with great ease.
I take this opportunity to wish all the people of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, especially the people of the most beautiful constituency of North Leeward, a blessed 39th Independence Anniversary. May God continue to spare us and grant us rich blessings and may His good mercies continue to reign down upon us.

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