From having a dream of bringing women together to then having that dream realized. This has been a blessing for Yinca Chambers. She is from Union Island a full time parent, student and operate nail salon. “I’ve always had an interest in the cosmetology field, being actively involved for the past 6 years, and I love learning. So, I took what I loved and learned through training and practice to become better at it” she said

Chambers said persons were willing to learn and she is always happy to share her knowledge, this is what inspired me to conduct this workshop. There was an atmosphere of sisterhood and it was amazing seeing it played out, the goal of lifting each other up as opposed to fighting was realized. This is just the beginning, as she plan to continue learning and sharing.

Chambers thanks to all the ladies who attended and assisted in making the workshop a success. She can be contacted via my Facebook pages, Signature Look Book or Blush Nail Salon, on Instagram @_signature_looks OR e-mail [email protected]

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