On the 3rd of November, 2018, the family of 19 year old Biabou resident Shania Johnson sprung into quick action and reported the young lady missing after she failed to return home. Shania worked with the YES program and was a part time teacher at the New Prospect (Simon) Primary School.

She went into Kingstown on Friday to collect her salary and to purchase pampers for her young baby and was to return home afterwards. Calls to her phone went unanswered until yesterday, Saturday. Shania’s close relative did not give up and continuously called Shania’s cell phone. At that time, she indicated that the phone was once again ringing after previously going to an automated message. After a few minutes of trying, the relative indicated that someone was answering the phone but appeared to be making a mockery of what she was asking. She outlined that she kept asking “Where is Shania?” and the person responded to what may have sounded like “Shania dead”.  At one point, the person on the other end referred to an address in Kingstown by saying “Shania dey [area in Kingstown], come fo she if alyo want she”. [sic]

She added that the person sounded as though their mouth may have been covered in an effort to muffle the sound of their voice. The family remained in contact with the police yesterday in an effort to quickly locate Shania.

On Sunday morning, ANN received reports that a body of a female was found in the Akers area. The body was later identified to be that of Shania Johnson.

ANN is following this story and will update as information becomes available.

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