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Remand prisoner Gregory De Caul of Campden Park has threatened to consume a poisonous substance because he is fed up of what he claims to be police harassment.
De Caul, a person well-known to law enforcement authorities, made the threat when he appeared before Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett at the Kingstown Magistrate Court last Tuesday.
“You know what I would do one of these days?… Nobody ain’t go see me. I go either drink some kind of gramoxone or something. You know why? I’m getting too much unfairness,” De Caul told the Senior Magistrate while in the dock complaining that police were harassing him and that there have been frustrating delays in his matters.
De Caul said he has reached as far as the Prime Minister complaining about the police and that he has difficulty getting justice and he was advised to go to the Commissioner of Police.
De Caul told the Senior Magistrate that “sometime last week” lawyer and chairman of the Police Service Commissions Cecil ‘Blazer’ Williams “take me and carry me to the Commissioner.” He, however, did not say exactly what, if any, the complaint was made to the Commissioner of Police Colin John, nor did he say if there was any promise to investigate his complaints.
“I am fed up,” De Caul told the Senior Magistrate.
The Senior Magistrate told De Caul that his court had done almost everything for him
“Are you saying you don’t get justice in my court?” The Senior Magistrate asked.
“I ain’t saying you, your worship – the prosecutor. The prosecutors, the prosecutors they always have something to say when it comes to the police. I have my issues, too, you know my honour,” De Caul replied.
De Caul was recently arrested and charged in connection with a burglary at a police officer’s home in Rillan Hill.

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