The lives of journalists Kenton Chance and Ashford Peters have again been threatened.
The latest threat came days ago when a man well-known to law enforcement authorities stated: “I will shoot you, journalists.”
Chance and Peters, who cover crime and other beats, were standing outside the holding cell located downstairs the Serious Offences Court when the threat was issued.
Chance and Peters, who were the only two persons in that area at the time, did not respond.
The man, who is on remand for burglary, was alone in the holding cell, said further: “I will shoot you, journalists, when I come out (of prison).”
Threats to kill journalists, particularly those who often cover Crime and Court beat, are becoming more frequent and some of them are veiled.
Interestingly, many of the threats are made in the precincts of the Serious Offences Court and the Kingstown Magistrate Court and often in the presence of police officers.
Chance, Peters and other journalists have made several reports to law authorities.
Almost one year ago, Chance and Peters were assaulted by two remand prisoners who, while on the back of a police transport, made use of threatening and offensive language and hurled plastic bags with items at them outside the Kingstown Magistrate Court.
Peters was struck on the right thigh while Chance was struck in the face. Reports were made to police officers on the scene who advised them to report to the Criminal Investigations Department.
Chance, whose glasses pinched his nose and eye area and caused irritation, gave a statement and pressed a charge against his assailant. His assailant was fined $500.00 when the matter went to court.
Peters, who was not physically injured, gave a statement but did not press charge against his assailant. He, however, asked the police to warn his assailant never to interfere with him again.

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