ANN was contacted by a worker of a government department in Kingstown about water being stored in a tank at an education department. The source informed ANN that the water was contaminated and not fit for human consumption. It was said that health inspectors tested the water and informed the workers not to drink it. The source further stated that on numerous occasions workers have gotten ill after drinking water from the tank.
ANN was told that the tanks had not been cleaned in years and this was not the first time that workers have gotten ill after drinking the water.

When contacted, a source at the Ministry of Health confirmed that the water is not safe for drinking. The source further added that tests are ongoing to check the water to ensure that the problem is resolved. However, the source preferred not to make additional comments.

Meanwhile the department with the unsafe water remains open and accessible to the public. ANN’s source was unsure about whether the public has informed that the water is contaminated.

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