After publishing the story regarding the alleged attempted abduction of two form one students, ANN received yet another report from one of our followers of a similar incident.

The young lady stated that about two weeks ago in Lauders, while she was walking home after purchasing some chicken at the chicken shop in the area. Two persons walked past in the opposite direction. She then heard a vehicle stop behind her in which two men came out. During that time the other persons who past her a few seconds earlier looked back. After realizing that the persons were looking on, the driver of the vehicle then shouted to the men who exited the car previously “leh we go leh we go” [sic].

She added that the vehicle was an orange car. The secondary school students in the previous reported incident also described the vehicle to be an orange car.

She further went on to state that she heard one of her neighbors speaking of a similar incident.

The vehicle was described as an orange car, baring no registration plate and having a plastic covered over one of the back passenger glasses.

Persons are advised to report these incidents to the police.

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