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By Dr. Richard A. Byron-Cox

While ULP maintains an interest in doing some things it has committed to; ensuring that Ralph’sfirst born takes the throne and enriching its inner circle via inter alia a profitable liaison with white foreigners, is priority numero uno! I maintain that their salient mission is staying in power, full stop! It’s no surprise that from crime to unemployment; and from prostituting the country to reducing some blackVincentians to slave-like labour (working for white foreigners without pay!!) in their own land is agreeable to the government. These do not threaten its hold on power! The government has gone so far as to resort to practices akin to fascism,calling out its Black Squad every time workers demand their rights in Canoaun. Peopl eare murdered at will; armed robbery is commonplace, the heights of the economy is surrendered to white foreigners; there are constant complains about the health services; driving on many roads requires a PhD in navigation…. the listgoes on and on and ….. Yet, Ralph seems certain to get another five years! Why?

Further, I must confess that if the elections are called tomorrow and I was to vote, I would vote ULP and encourage my acquaintances to do likewise. Why you ask? Simple! The alternative is fatal abyss for SVG! In reality the NDP is in general lazy and parasitic,desperately hoping for its chance to leech the treasury! It comprises by and large a vindictive, spiteful, mendacious, backward, bitter, unpatriotic bunch.I honestly can’t say anything good about them as regards the betterment of our country, which is my real and only political concern! Their record under “King James”is abysmal! Eustace’s was/is a technocrat and nothing more. But Friday does not even know that we need to go somewhere, and therefore has no plans to take us anywhere. Electing him is knowingly pushing SVG over the precipice to which we are already on a slow march.

In this Internet and the absolute requirement to secure sustainable development age, Friday takes the reigns of “the government in waiting” and can’t tell us his plans in a one-pager!! Imagine that with a government regularly accused of maleficence; nationally and regionally questioned about its scarcity of morals and ethics; fingered for its dynastic nepotism; guilty of creating a Himalayan national debt and the list goes on ad infinitum; yet Friday cannot write one paragraphs to what are possible alternatives with him as leader! His message is exceptionally disrespectful! “Vote me to get rid of Ralph.” Are we votingcattle Godwin? It is that like Ralph, you are convinced that we have no greymatter?

Readers, you know that Ralph trumpets the slogan “Labour love” while permitting his chief attack dog to preach hate on Star Radio. Yet, Friday does not even have a defensive stoke, not to mention protective guard for the people of SVG! It is Satanic that every decent professional, every honest Vincy, every thinking person in this land who dares state the truth, their character and those of their family and friends have been destroyed by the ULP attack dogs without shame!! Friday remains silent in the face of this bloody murder of the nobility and integrity of some of SVG’s most noble and patriotic!

Friday is resident in the Grenadines, which is unconditionally loyal to NDP, yet he has no plans to assist the workers on Canouan with getting justice, and the virtual quarantine of the residents there, save to say thatRalph has forgotten the people down there. He shuns Terry Bynoe, the vanguardin the battle to defend Vincentian rights on Canouan. He is silent about peoplebeing banished from Mustique even though their family has lived there forgenerations untold! But this is not surprising as it was “King James” who gaveaway 80% of the lands on Canoaun, and Friday’s leadership is but servitude to theking. To his eternal credit, Arhnim as leader of the NDP was no Mitchell stooge!

Today, SVG is in a political paralysis as regards the next elections. Our only real possibility to ensure a modicum of hope is to return the all but morally, ethically, and spiritually bankrupt ULP! This is so because; Friday is the personification of a headless leader. When I saw his position as regards the CCJ I simply couldn’t believe that a lawyer and an aspiring PM could spout such nonsense! He seems tohave no sense of history or reality as regards this question. Thisdunderheadedness from one aspiring to be the ultimate power!      

A careful look into the practice of the ULP will show that over recent years it moved from spin to barefaced mendacity while enforcing acceptance of economic injustice on the poor (16% VAT as starters). It is in many ways a spectacle, a parade of foliage with little fruit; and an exhibition of polished deceit, seeking encomiums for a whitewashed crime-ridden, corruption-laden, and race and class apartheid-bent state. Yet, Friday is dumb, with not even adesultory framework to offer as answer to this seemingly threatening societal malaise! The very fate of the nation may well be in the balance, but Friday is ideas blackout, a solutions wasteland. Indeed there seems to be no political quality of head or heart to be found in him which may be of use to SVG.  He seems even incapable of being mildlyuproarious if only to bring some attention to the plight of the sufferers. 

So we have found ourselves in a state of political paralysis where the power that be, namely Ralph and Julian are the “Grand Panjandrums” as described by Fanon in his Wretched of the Earth. But the alternative on the horizon is Friday the 13! The last time we ran into the latter was April 1979!! I hope that wasenough warning!              

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