Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett this morning dismissed the charge against local model Yugge Farrell who was in January this year charged with using insulting language to finance minister Camillo Gonsalves’ wife, Karen, allegedly calling her “you dirty” on January 4th.

The matter was listed for trial today, having been given a very long adjournment on January 29th,2018, when Farrell reappeared before the Senior Magistrate following her havingbeen sent to the Mental Health Centre of observation. 

When the matter was called this morning, Farrell and her lawyer Grant Connell were present in court. When the virtual complainant Karen Gonsalves was called, she was not present.

The prosecutor Corlene Samuel told the court that a decision was taken to withdraw the charge against Farrell.

Connell rose and said that after 11 months and application for the prosecution to disclose statements to the defense, the prosecution had decided to withdraw the charge. He asked the Senior Magistrate to dismiss the charge for want of prosecution. He contended that by the prosecution withdrawing the charge they were leaving the door open for future prosecution on the matter but that if it was dismissed then it would signal the end of that matter.

Prominent lawyer Kay Bacchus-Baptiste stood in support of Connell’s argument. She said she received communication from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions which spoke of dismassal. 

Senior MagistrateBurnett told the court that the case against Farrell was dismissed for want of prosecution.

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