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One member of a family of three from Hopewell who was imprisoned in April in the “hot-water burning” of a Caruth man was beaten by another prisoner.

Sources close to ANN said Nigel Morgan, a preacher, former teacher and former worker at the Ministry of Culture was beaten recently and suffered an injury to the area just above one of his eyes.

It is unclear what caused the dispute.

However, it is understood that the prisoner who was involved in an altercation with Morgan was confronted by two other inmates who handed him some blows. There are no reports up to this time of any arrest having been made.

Morgan, his wife Althia and their 23 -year-old daughter Krystal are serving a four (4) year sentence for burning 39-year-old Cuthbert ‘Mafia’ Victory with hot water during a dispute in the public road just outside their home in April last year.

Victory was in a gutter in a tussle with Nigel and Althia when their daughter came with a kettle of hot-water and poured it on his back. He ran to a nearby river to soak himself.

The dispute arose after Nigel Morgan went to the public road outside a neighbour’s house and complained about the type of music that Victory was playing (Movado, Vybz Kartel etc) from a music player he had. There was an exchange of words and Morgan promised to annoint him. Morgan’s wife left her home and went to the scene. There were shouts by the Morgans to “bring the thing.” A bottle containing what appeared to be Olive Oil was brought to the scene and Nigel attempted to “annoint” Victory who resisted, knocking the bottle away. A fight ensued and Kystal soon appeared on the scene from their home with the kettle of hot water.

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