An early morning fire in Paul’s Avenue has left one couple homeless.

Winston Burnette, a sanitation worker, and his girlfriend Simone Bartson, a security guard at the public library, occupied the premises that is owned by business man Leroy “Fly” Edwards. They have been occupying the premises for 4 years now.

Burnette told ANN that he did not leave any appliances on in the house before he left this morning.

He added that he was at work at the sanitation department in Middle Street in the vicinity of Edwin D Laynes & Sons when someone informed him that his home was on fire. Burnette said he immediately began to run towards Paul’s Avenue. He said he met up with some officers who were preparing to go to the scene of the fire.

On arriving at his home, Burnette said the fire had completely spread and the home was destroyed.

Onlookers at the scene of the fire.

He said “people asking me if we leave on any Christmas lights and thing in the house, to be honest, we didn’t have time for that this year. When Nine Mornings start, i does have to work from 4 o clock in the morning until the 2nd January. She now, [referring to his girlfriend Simone] she does have to go to work from 6, so she does have to reach up dey at least for 5:30. So we didn’t have the time to deal with it. We bought the stuff them and put them in the house aside.”

“We lose everything” – he continued.

One neighbor told ANN that he heard a popping sound and looked out and saw what was happening. He then shouted to other neighbors to assist but the fire had already spread throughout the 4 bedroom house.

Area representative Major St Clair Leacock also came to the scene of the fire to express his sympathy to Burnette.

Area representative St Clair Leacock exchanging words with Winston Burnette.

Leacock said “it is always a sad moment when someone’s home is destroyed by fire. But when it is a constituent, it is even more painful.”

He continued that Burnette is a giving person, and even during the Christmas break, while he [Leacock] offered persons a drink, Burnette offered him [Leacock] a drink.

He further stated that he would do what he can to assist the young couple.

Burnette is also asking the public to assist him in any way that they can, as he has lost everything.

To assist, persons can contact Winston Burnette at 1(784) 455-1110.

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