At the beginning of the New Year, a video started making its rounds on social media. In the video, a woman is seen arguing with a man then hitting him across his face.

The woman in the video has identified herself as Inga Cordice, who currently resides in Belair. Inga has expressed that she had been in an almost 5 year relationship with the man in the video.

After seeing the comments on social media, Inga expressed that she wanted persons to know what exactly was going on since persons are accusing her of being an abuser.

She added that during the almost 5 years relationship, she was constantly abused. “Last year, between May and September, i was constantly beaten by this guy…”

She further stated that when she met the man, he was unemployed and she decided to lend a hand to assist him in getting his life together. She purchased a vehicle for him, using her father’s money. Although, she purchased the vehicle for him, she stated that she would then have to use public transport to get to work.

Cordice also added that when she left for work, he would bring other females to the apartment.

Cordice expressed that she was unable to meet the rent requirement and would often ask him for assistance, but he would often reply that he is “going to Mustique” – this was his response on numerous occasions.

She stated that yesterday, she called him and got the impression that he was in Mustique but heard that he was in Heritage Square. This enraged Cordice which resulted in her going down to Heritage Square to confront him.

Upon reaching Heritage Square, Cordice got frustrated and got into an argument with the man which resulted in her slapping him.

Cordice confronting the man in Heritage Square

Cordice stated that on numerous occasions she got reports from persons implying that he was deceitful. She got reports that he was bringing other women into her apartment and that he even rented multiple apartments for other women. On occasions, she even conversed with the other women and would have confronted him about him.

She said during their relationship, she found out that he had a year long relationship with another female which produced a child. He begged for her forgiveness in which she did.

She stated that at one point, she was hospitalized after he abused her, and he would “beat and box” her up. She cried that she was allegedly stabbed on multiple occasions and on one occasion was on sick leave for 10 days as a result of injuries sustained by he.

When contacted about the incident, the young man in the video denied all the accusations made by Cordice, but wished not to comment further.

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