Bruce appointed NDP senator

Lawyer Israel Bruce who is currently the New Democratic Party’s (NDP) caretaker for South Central Windward has been appointed a senator.
The leader of the Opposition and NDP president Dr. Godwin Friday made the announcement at a press conference on Monday.
Bruce replaces lawyer Marcia Zita Barnwell whose senator position was revoked last week.
Dr. Friday said Bruce will also be an effective presence in Parliament. He said that he is a lawyer and has been active in public affairs for all his life. He noted that Bruce is a former teacher, a former President of the National Youth Council and vice-President of the Caribbean Federation of Youth and that he has served the party as Public Relations Officer.
“Mr. Bruce brings this rich history of public service to the House. He will continue to serve the people of this country and of his constituency of South Central Windward with vigor and good effect. My colleagues and I am looking forward to working with him in Parliament and I know he relishes the opportunity to serve our country in the Parliament,” Dr. Friday stated.
The NDP leader said Ms. Barnwell served well in Parliament and did her duty to the Opposition and the people of this country as an Opposition Senator since the Parliament resumed after the 2015 General Elections.
“As I told her in our meeting last Wednesday, I am very grateful for her service and look forward to her continuing work on behalf of the NDP and the people of SVG in other ways in the future,” Dr. Friday stated.
The party leader said that last Friday afternoon, by letter, he advised Governor General Sir Frederick Ballantyne, in accordance with section 28 of the Constitution, to appoint Bruce as Senator and similarly, in accordance with Section 29 of the Constitution, to revoke the appointment of Barnwell.

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