Plans for the construction of a 93-room hotel at Diamond were revealed in Parliament Monday.
According to Minister of Finance, Camillo Gonsalves the facility will be the closest hotel to the Argyle International Airport.
It will be constructed with support from the CARICOM Development Bank along with investment from the National Insurance Services (NIS) and is expected to compliment the already constructed Hospitality and Maritime Training Institute – also located at the Diamond Industrial Estate.
During the 2018 Budget it was announced that government will be directly involved in the construction of a 350- room facility and at Mt Wynne, US$50 million had been secured for the construction of a 250-room resort which was anticipated to be the first resort on the mainland to be operated by an internationally recognized brand.
With the commissioning of the Argyle International Airport, it was felt that the room stock in St Vincent and the Grenadines needed to increase with government announcing its intention to enter into public/private partnerships in relation to hotel development.

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