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ANN was reliably informed that Eunice Dowers, an employee of Star Garage who was involved in a brawl last Wednesday with popular social commentator Marlon Stephenson attempted to flee the island this morning. She was allegedly stopped by immigration officials and is now in police custody.

It is alleged that her arrest relates to a separate incident and not the previous incident relating to Marlon Stephenson.

Dowers, who is married to a Vincentian national allegedly stabbed Stephenson after it is alleged that he struck her repeatedly in the face last Wednesday.

According to reports received by ANN, it is alleged that Dowers is currently under investigations for the misappropriation of $130,000.00 XCD. Sources told ANN that Dowers allegedly was in a relationship with a head of management of the company and was allegedly given a credit card by the person of whom she was in a relationship with to make purchases

She was allegedly told to order cellular phones for both her and her and the said  person – in which she allegedly did , in addition to spending up to $130,000.00XCD worth of items over an extended period.

Dowers was scheduled to leave the island on the evening of 17th February , she changed the flight to travel earlier in the morning . The authorities were informed and immigration officials contacted which then led to her arrest.

Dowers’ husband was also scheduled to leave the island but was unable to collect his passport on Friday at the immigration office the source  told ANN

ANN will update this story further as information is available.

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