A young man of the Leeward coastal village of Layou is now without a finger after losing it twice within 24 hours last week.
According to information received, the supermarket employee’s finger was severed while working in the cold room last week Tuesday afternoon. He went to the Accident and Emergence unit at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, taking the finger with him. He did not get to see a doctor, but a nurse took the finger and placed it in a container, indicating that it would be preserved.
The young man was told to return the following morning for the finger to be re-attached by surgical procedure. As a result, he went to a private doctor who instructed him to go collect the finger and return. But, when he went to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital he was told the finger could not be found.
Information also indicated that a company supervisor called the hospital to inquire about the matter and a relative accompanied him back to the hospital.
It is alleged that when they attempted to get answers to their questions, a nurse told them: “Welcome to the A&E, we don’t have to answer questions.”
Information received also indicate that the young man went to the administrative office at the hospital and lodged a complaint and an apology was extended to him.
It is understood that the young man is considering legal action against the hospital.

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