Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle has publicly apologized to fellow entertainer Rondy “Luta” McIntosh for his “late show” at Luta’s 25th Anniversary celebration in New York earlier this month, for which he was booked.

Speaking on a radio program on Xtreme Radio this morning, Luta said Skinny arrived late for the event due to him performing at another event.

Luta said “at the time we were on stage he was at the other event”. Luta further said “he eventually came when the show was over, done, and I was backstage, I was kinda in the moment and whatsnot so he came and was about to go on stage but the show was done so I said no the show is done”.

Luta said he took it as a level of disrespect but it is what it is.

He said Skinny Fabulous was booked for his event and it was a blatant disrespect that Skinny Fabulous was on stage at a competing event.

Luta said he and Skinny fabulous had some discussions regarding the issue and the patrons at the event had a grand time.

When asked how the situation affects his relationship with Skinny Fabulous going forward Luta said “honestly it has cemented that the youth don’t have any respect for me, It has just cemented that”.

He added “how I deal with him going forward, it may still be the same in terms of you meet a man and you hail a man and whatsnot because me don’t hold grudge”

Luta added that “if I am to do another event with that I am not too sure if it’s a man I will reach out to, knowing that he don’t have that level of respect for me”.

Luta says when he was called to be a part of the homecoming celebration for Skinny Fabulous after he won the Road March Title in Trinidad and Tobago, he was there supporting Skinny even when other artistes refused to be a part of the program.

Skinny Fabulous then called in on the Radio Station and publicly apologized to Luta.

He said he wanted to go on stage to publicly apologize but he was not allowed to do so and emotions were high and he takes the blame for what transpired.

He said he apologized to Luta at the event and he also apologized to Luta on Whatsapp.

He also apologized to the patrons who attended the event and didn’t get to see him perform.

Skinny Fabulous said he holds high respect for Luta who he considers as one of the pioneers and he also thanked Luta for being instrumental in the growth of his career.

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