On Saturday 15th June 2019, the first Vincentian Diaspora Leadership Symposium in the UK was held as part of SVG40 – The 40th Anniversary of Independence for St. Vincent & the Grenadines. The Symposium was attended by Vincentian Diaspora members including the Chairman of the National Council for St. Vincent & the Grenadines UK Associations, Vincy Alliance Mas and SV2G – St. Vincent & the Grenadines 2nd Generation.
In recent years there have been many Diaspora organisations that have increasingly become visible players on the global stage from awareness of culture, heritage, peace building , advocacy to humanitarian assistance. SV2G has been involved in many significant heritage projects where their work has been showcased at the Palace of Westminster in the UK. The narratives discovered with their current heritage project on 18th Century Vincentian presence in Britain have attracted global attention. It is therefore crucial that the SVG40 committee will form a Vincentian
Diaspora plan from the outcomes of the planned expo forums, as they will explore ways in which the Vincentian Diaspora in the UK can effectively engage with the
British Government and the Government of St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

The outcomes of the weekend’s symposium have established a framework for the
forthcoming SVG40 Expo being held in the UK on the 9th November 2019. Plans are now in progress and will be made available in the upcoming weeks. The SVG40 committee wants to encourage all communities in the UK to learn and experience more about Vincentian culture. The Expo will host Vincentian businesses to market
their products and services with an aim to generate an increased interest in Vincentian merchandise, heritage, arts and culture. The outcome of the Expo will address some of the Diaspora challenges andopportunities that will influence the Vincentian Diaspora plan within the context of aligning with the UN sustainable
development goals and agenda 2030.
Vincy Alliance Mas was commended at the symposium for their new carnival programme that will be giving the opportunity to showcase local Vincentian designer Hartiem Farell at this year’s London Notting Hill Carnival. This event attracts over
two million visitors to celebrate Caribbean heritage and culture. Farell’s section
“Cosmic Rays” pays homage to the 40th Anniversary theme complimenting the Vincy
Alliance Mas theme “Super Nova”. Cosmic Rays will also be used as an example to highlight Vincy Mas as an art form to export and attract international collaborations
with future commissions within the Diaspora.

About SV2G
SV2G (St. Vincent & the 2nd Generation) was established in 2003 to promote
awareness of the African and Caribbean heritage and culture of St Vincent and the
Grenadines. SV2G manages a range of innovative and combined heritage and arts
projects that help develop young people of various diverse backgrounds with an
educational, creative and cultural impact of global significance.
About Vincy Alliance Mas
Vincy Alliance Mas launched in 2012 when it became aware of the lack of Vincentian
presence that was identified on the streets of Notting Hill carnival due to no other
Vincentian Mas band on the road. Vincy Alliance Mas is now the leading Vincentian
Mas band at Notting Hill Carnival representing St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the
UK. The organisation’s work has evolved into supporting Vincentian artistes,
musicians and designers creating opportunities within the UK Diaspora.

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