The hierarchy of the local police force have hailed as a major success the second phase of Tradewinds 2019 held here over this week.

Both Commissioner of Police Colin John and Deputy Commissioner of Police Frankie Joseph lauded the event at a media conference at the conference room at headquarters on Wednesday afternoon.

“Tradewinds 2019, from all reports, have been a resounding success. We have embarked on several scenarios and several operations, and based on reports that I have received, they were all generally successful,” the police commissioner said.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Frankie Joseph, lead planner of activities, also told the media that Tradewinds 2019 which commenced on Friday 14th June was very successful.

“Thus far, we have carried out a number of activities. It started slowly on Friday and slowly built up and I can say that at present the activities are being conducted very smoothly and they have been very successful. Because the whole object of Tradewinds is to conduct these exercises to ascertain exactly where we are in terms of taking care of natural disasters, major incidents and to assess where we are to do an analysis to see what are the things we are lacking, what are the things we have done well,” the deputy commissioner said.

The second phase of Tradewinds 2019 ends with a military parade from the Central Police Station to Victoria Park where an official closing ceremony takes place.

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