It is going to be difficult to believe this, but this is the first time that Rondy ‘Luta’ Mc Intosh has won the Road March for Vincy Mas 2019.
The difficulty sets in when one considers that ‘Luta’ has always provided a song for Vincy Mas that captured the spirit of the road.
But, yes, ‘Luta’ achieved his first Road March feat in 2019 with his ‘Lehgo ting’.
Known as the ‘Crowd Motivator’ for his uncanny ability to arouse the ‘deadest’ of crowds, ‘Luta’ has always been a crowd favourite, dating back to when he was one of the vocalists with the band Signal.
His many releases through the years have always been able to captivate the soca enthusiasts here, in the region and beyond.
And he has not been afraid to collaborate with other soca artistes, ten-times Soca Monarch Delroy ‘Fireman’ Hooper among these, for he knows that he has what it takes to command his own space on a stage anywhere, anytime.
However, in the year of his breakthrough, ‘Luta’ just nosed ahead of ‘Magikal’ and his ‘Bloody Hell Crazy’. The judges had ‘Lehgo ting’ as having accumulated 82 points, to ‘Bloody Hell Crazy’s 81, in a year when judges of CDC shows seem to fancy separating first places from second places by the slightest of margins, a la Junior and Senior Panorama.
In taking his first Road March, Luta became the second Calliaqua native to accomplish the feat. He was preceded in this regard by Eardley ‘Gringo’ Bennett who won in 1975 with ‘Leh go me hand’ and again in 1977 with ‘Doh lock me up’. (VN)

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