Investigations are on-going into an incident of rape that has been reported to the police.

The victim, whose name has been withheld, told Asbert New Network (ANN) that the incident occurred in the early hours of Friday, July 12 at her home.

She said that she had gone out for a bit on Thursday night after being convinced by a close female friend and her brother, who is a member of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVGPF).

“I am not accustomed to going out, but my friend convinced me to do so,” she told ANN.

She agreed and the trio went to a night spot located within walking distance from the victim’s home.

She further admitted that she consumed some alcoholic beverages (beers) and when she was about to leave, he brother told her that she was not allowed to leave without her and further convinced her to stay a bit longer.

“He was trying to shield me in a kind of way,” she said.

While there, they came in contact with a man that she said they did not know – from the little that she said she has now come to know, it is that he is a Vincentian national now based in Tortola.

“Everybody fitted in, and he started to buy drinks,” she continued.

He then offered them a ride when they decided to leave, to which she said her brother agreed that it was okay for them to do so despite the short distance that they lived.

She was the first to be dropped off, however she said that her brother did not stay around to make sure that she got into the house alright.

Never the less, she said that she proceeded to go into her house leaving the door unlocked because she was expecting her female friend to return at some point to stay with her.

The said friend, who is said to be involved with the brother went to his (brother) house for a short time.

During the time that the victim said she was alone, she went and took a shower and changed into her nightgown.

Upon entering her bedroom, she said she met the guy and immediately questioned what was he doing there.

He responded asking if that was where she lived, to which she said she responded yes and that she was ready for bed and that she had had enough partying for the night.

That was where the ordeal started she said.

The victim said that the man started to fight with her, at that point as he started to get the uppern hand and undress, she realized that he had already put on a condom.

She said that they fought for a while, and then he proceeded to rape the woman on her bed.

“Right on my own bed, in my house,” the distraught woman said.

The man then left EC$100 and left, she continued.

The matter has been reported to the police, who came in and took samples – the victim said that she had already visited the doctor as well.

“I regretted going out, I regretted ever talking to a stranger…funny enough, I don’t even know his name,” she told ANN.

She added that she now feels scared sleeping alone since the ordeal.

“I will not be going out because I really don’t know who I have to deal with,” the woman said.

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