A 70 year old man who was charged in September 2018 of indecently assaulting a 6- year- old child was found guilty early last week by Senior Magristate /Vice president of the family court of the charge .

He was remanded to HM prisons awaiting sentencing which would take place on the 23rd of August 2019

The 70 year old man who is from a grenadine Island was also accused by another resident when the story broke last year .

Story From Last year


ANN posted yesterday of an alleged sexual assault where a 70 year old man was charged for indecently assaulting a 6 year old child on a Grenadine Island. Reliable reports have indicated that a Pastor has stood bail for the 70 year old.

ANN understands that this is not the first time that allegations has been made against the man. A source close to ANN described her very own experiences with this man.
The lady stated that growing up, she knew the man to be a respectable man of the community who would always lend assistance to her family and would be very kind to her and her siblings. She recalls that on occasions, the man would ask her grandmother to send the children over to bring items for him and one day he fondled her breasts. She explained that she got upset and cursed him. She also added that she tried to prevent all contact between her sister and the man in an effort to protect her sister. She said that she noticed the man would buy gifts for her sister and questioned the sister but the sister did not admit to anything. She further stated that one day she was washing her sister’s clothing and noticed what appeared to be a strange looking fluid on her sister’s underwear in which she informed the mother, and was taken to the doctor for treatment of a vaginal infection.
She said she expressed what was happening to their grandmother and the grandmother told them to stop lying, and emphasised that the man was a “good man”

The lady then added that she got pregnant and had a daughter, she stated that she made it clear that this man should never come around her child. Unfortunately, as time went on, she noticed that while she was at work, her young daughter who at time was two years old, began getting sick.
She said her daughter would get stomach aches. Doctors were unable to determine the cause of the stomach pains at that time. However, as time went on, one day she got a call that her daughter was sick and she went home and noticed that the child’s vagina was “ripped open”. She panicked and rushed the child to the hospital in which medical examiners eventually determined that the child was sexually assaulted. She outlined that her young daughter who is now aged 11, suffered from a cyst on her ovaries and an enlarged bladder due to the sexual assaults.
She added that the case was reported to the police but due to lack of evidence, the court was unable to pursue the case.

She cried that her young daughter, up to today, still suffers from the trauma of the experience and has had suicidal thoughts, and has been very resentful towards her, the mother. She even outlined that on occasions she, the mother, has broken down, and has even tried leaving the island in an effort to escape her reality.

ANN is following this story and will update accordingly

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