St. Vincent and the Grenadines recorded its third killing this week with the shooting death of a Richland Park resident in his community Thursday night.

According to reports unknown assailant(s) shot Roneil Bobb dead in the street in the Marriaqua community.

The circumstances surrounding his death  are unclear at this time. 

In March of this years Bobb  who deliberately gave police a wrong name after he was caught stealing agricultural produce at Congo Valley .

Appearing before district magistrate Bertie Pompey at the Georgetown Court . Roneil Bobb pleaded guilty to the charge that on March 15, 2019, at Georgetown, without lawful excuse, he gave his name as Travis Davis, a false name, to police constable 762 Mc Bride when lawfully required to do so.

Bobb was being interviewed by the police on the matter of stealing a sack of oranges from Grant Connell’s farm on March 13, 2019, when he gave the false name. Following the interview and charge for the oranges, he was released on bail. However, police in their investigation subsequently found that the name he provided was false. They made contact, re-arrested him and charged him for giving false name. Again, he was released on bail.

District Magistrate Bertie Pompey sentenced Bobb to one month in prison.

It was the second criminal offence that Bobb pleaded guilty that day . He had already pleaded guilty to stealing 150 oranges from the farm owned by Grant Connell. For that crime, he was fined $1,200.00

Magistrate Pompey had ordered Bobb to pay $600.00 forthwith, with an alternative prison sentence of 6 months in default, and the remaining $600.00 in one month with another alternative 6 months in prison if he defaults.

Bobb paid the $600.00 ordered to be paid forthwith.

Bobb killing is 16th  homicides in St. Vincent and the Grenadines this year. 

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