A shop in Prospect was robbed last night (Friday September 20) and two men injured during the incident with one of them in critical condition at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH).
Reports are that sometime after 8.30, two masked men entered Theresa Creese’s shop and told two customers, Cauldric George and Ismael Daniel to get on the floor.
The men complied and the robbers demanded that Creese hand over the money. A gold necklace was ripped from her neck at which time her grandson came into the shop and was also placed on the floor.

The perpetrators eventually made off with a case of Guinness, Campari, New Heaven (a brand of wine) and EC$500 and the gold chain.
During the robbery, George was shot in the face and Daniel stabbed. The robbers then made off with liquor and money.

Unconfirmed reports are that a car was waiting for the robbers nearby and it sped away in the direction of Brighton.

The owners of the shop  found a spent shell at the scene.
Creese told ANN that she is disturbed about what happened especially the wounding of the two men, her regular customers. George was shot in the face.Shell found on the scene

Creese said that although she is in shock, she will continue to run her business, something she has been doing for 48 years.
This is the first robbery at the establishment and Creese is hoping the robbers are caught.


  1. It’s that time now when non familiar faces shows up in your establishment,be aware mark their faces and physique…I think they comes to spot check..SVG is now too scary , the young people have the devil in them , they smoked too much weed and they thoughts and mind flickers and that’s when the thieving rascals them decides to commit crimes. Time now to go to the table and think how to torture them when caught…

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