Several Caribbean heads of state spoke Friday afternoon at the 74th United Nations General Assembly taking place in New York this week, each of them came out in support of Venezuela and Cuba, and urged leaders to quickly mitigate climate change. Prime Minister Gonsalves concurred with his fellow Caricom leaders by  saying during his address that “the solutions to the conflicts in Venezuela will be only through the facilitation of a peaceful road and it is necessary to respect their sovereignty.” He too condemned any rhetorical or actual “military intervention” in Venezuela. He called out general assembly members for being complicit in the “sustained attempt of a regime change through an illegal economic blockade against Venezuela” he called “eerily similar to the one against Cuba” but that U.N. nations each year vote to end. The Saint Vincent and the Grenadines leader used the time at the podium to announce the creation of a U.N.-backed African Diaspora Commission to create “reparative justice against the genocide of slavery” that took place in the Americas and in several African nations. He says this longcoming act of justice is “inextricably linked to the 2030 U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.”