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Anonymous submission

Students of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College, Division of Technical Vocational Education were sent home recently after being inspected by lecturers as it pertains to their uniform. 

With the nation knowing about the professional ambience of this division, some students were spoken to and treated in ways that didn’t show professionalism at all.

Another issue is, why send students home in the middle of school day because of a simple issue of them not having the “appropriate” uniform.

Uniform has been a perpetual issue in every faculty in St. Vincent and Grenadines but how it is dealt with and what lecturers/teachers say to students is very sorrowful. One’s attire should not be the main focus at schools. Building a teacher/student relationship and making sure everyone understands what I bring thought in school should be the goal. 

Students should understand what the Division of Technical and Vocational education is doing, they are preparing you for the world of work and modesty is the best policy but lecturers/teachers should understand that respect goes both ways. For example, a student was told that it was because of their “solidness” why their uniform is unable to fit properly. As we can see, this is an issue of discrimination. Another student was sent home because their uniform pants was too long. What exactly is a perfect uniform?

A report was made that lectures went as far as measuring students’ pants and skirts. 

Giving that the rules and regulations have been given to the students, discrimination should not be present and I urge that this issue is fixed.