The views expressed are not those of ANN but those of the writer .

It took me a while before deciding to do this article. I am a ULP supporter, we’ll – I was.

After I listened to Dr. Friday at their convention last week, I decided to no longer vote for the ULP.

When I first voted for the ULP, I believed that Dr. Gonsalves had a plan for me, for us, for our country.

I believed fully on the promises of “together now,” of us being on “the  cusp of an economic take off.”

All now our economy can’t take off.

What really struck me was when I saw St. Kitts offering double salary for the fourth time in a row. I voted ULP 4 in a row and all 4 times I just realize my taxes increased 4 times in a row.

The NDP proposed the CBI program, this will cause us to borrow less loans. I never take the proposal serious because I was just think about our passport being sold, but when I saw what’s happening in St. Kitts and nothing happening for us here, I really had to take off my political blinds and look again.

I won’t call myself a NDP supporter now, but I like Dr. Friday. What I know for sure, is I not supporting ULP anymore.

Why we can’t get better salaries in Vincy? Why we can’t get good GDP like our other OECS neighbors?

They doing CBI and it working for them. Dr. Gonsalves is holding us hostage to betterment. Dr. Friday promises CBI and less taxes.

So I say, I am ULP no more!- Doreen S.