Ray Parker Rogers a popular Disc Jockey who goes by the Alias ‘DJ Maff’ was released on station bail earlier this morning.

Rogers was taken into custody on Saturday 26th October following an incident which took place at a popular event promoted as ” Happymess” a color fete that is held every year during the independence celebration.

It was reported to ANN that a police officer who was working at the event warned the DJ about using obscene language on the microphone, the source told ANN that Rogers continued to play and played what he considered to be vulgar music after the warning by the police.

According to the source, Rogers was taken off the stage by the officer and was taken into custody. The source told ANN that Rogers put up some resistance before he was taken away by the police.

Another source told ANN “Rogers looked like he was intoxicated, he was was warned several times by the police before he was arrested ” the source said.

The source went on to say ” the DJ was very aggressive to the police when he was being arrested , we tried to talk to him but he didn’t listen”.

When ANN contacted Rogers on Monday, he admitted to using obscene language while playing a song by popular dancehall artiste “Bennie Man”, he was warned by the Inspector of Police not to play any “raw music”, which he responded and said, “Ok “.

Rogers damaged leg shown after the alleged beating by police

Rogers told ANN, ” he continued playing and while juggling, he played a song by Jamican Artiste “Spice”named “Needle eye Pum Pum” he followed up with a song “We love pum pum” by Vybez Kartel.

Rogers told ANN “the Inspector ran on to the stage, dragged him off and told him, you are locked up then started to beat him”, Rogers responded ” Way you locking me up for dread and why you hitting me? “. He said the Inspector pushed him in the police transport, slammed the door on his leg and started to box him about his body. The officer then squeezed his throat and asked him ” you want Fu***ing dead tonight”, he then pulled his gun and continued to box me, Rogers said.

Rogers bloody clothing

Rogers said, the Inspector beat him from Arnos Vale to Kingstown, he said he almost passed out while he was choked by the police officer.

Rogers went on to tell ANN that on Sunday, the Inspector told him ” I would make sure you don’t get bail until Tuesday if you want play stubborn”. He also told me I would “kill you” when I meet you anywhere, and they wouldn’t find your body “. Rogers said.

Rogers said he was able to secure station bail after he contacted his Lawyer Grant Connell and with the help of a Corporal of Police who assisted him and condemn the behaviour of the Inspector, who was admant that he didn’t get any bail until Tuesday.

Rogers told ANN, in his 12 years of playing music he has never experienced this kind of behavior from the police.

“I not expecting that sorta behavior from a police officer, I have friends who are police officers, from the lowest rank to the highest” Rogers said.

Rogers said he is in a lot of pain and he is expecting that something will be done with the officer who beat him.

Lawyer Grant Connell told ANN that ” What transpired was very unfortunate,they have charged him but granted him station bail which is not usually done,so we now have to allow it to be ventilated in court. I am certain all issues will be addressed “..

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