Ms. Sharii Roberts and Ms.Enda Weekes are two final year students of the University of The West Indies where they are currently reading for a Bsc in Social Work.

This semester, they enrolled in their Social Work practicum and decided to work together to complete their time at Her Majesty’s Prison.

During this stint, they encompassed practices such as program evaluation,community based education initiatives, advocacy, non-profit administration, leadership amd organizational development.

Their project dubbed “bake off” was planned and incorpoated both females and males from Kingstown and Belle Isle Correctional Facility.

Roberts highlighted that the goal for the project was in conjunction with the vision of the institution; which is to help inmates, when they are ready to leave the facilities, to return to society through an integrated system of continous teaching/learning geared towards building skills, self -esteem and morale.

” It was an eye opener for me, I didn’t  realize the prisons have so much program, I want the stigma to be lifted from these people” Weekes said .

Weekes also said that, she would like to see these prisoners learn a skill to help them gain meaningful employment,when they are released from  prison.

Roberts said the project was a  complete success and extended sincere gratitude to GECCU, ECGC,Coreas City Store and QuikPrint.