Former workers at a popular restaurant in SVG are complaining of unfair dismissal. The workers who worked at Cafe Soleil were allegedly given dismissal letters on Monday 11th, November, 2019.

One worker told ANN that she believes this stemmed from an e-mail sent to management complaining about problems faced by the workers and a request for a meeting to address their concerns.

Another worker told ANN, after the email was ignored they decided to go on a two day strike to get the attention of their bosses .

Some of the concerns addressed in the email sent by a supervisor to the management are as follows:

– The workers complained of working for a full 8 hours without a break and they cannot even get a free glass of juice or tea.

– The workers asked on numerous occasions if it is ok for them to cook something to eat and they never received a response up to this day.

– Workers have been asking for almost a year now for the credit card tips given to them by customers.

– They are not allowed to sit even if buisness is slow at a particular time.

– The workers complained that the restaurant is the only establishment on the compound that does not provide the staff with a meal.

– They also complained about the heat in the kitchen which makes it very uncomfortable to work, especially on busy nights.

– The only table the staff had in the kitchen for them to write on was taken away and now they have no place to sit and write because they are not allowed to sit at the bar or in the lounge, one worker said.

– The workers do not receive holiday pay, time and a half on Sundays nor overtime pay .

– There is a need for better shelter for the guest, because workers have to be running out in hot and cold just to make sure that the guest are comfortable.

Furthermore, the workers expressed that they do not feel respected or appreciated by the management.

“These are some of the complains that I receive on a daily basis [sic] from the staff. If it’s possible,can you please arrange a day to have a meeting with the whole staff so that you can listen to their views and complains ” the supervisor wrote .

One worker told ANN that they were told by a member of management “that they prefer to deal with dogs than humans”.

The worker also mentioned that they are being paid on Christmas Eve day for the holiday season. “What can we do with salary on Christmas Eve day”, the worker expressed in tears .

ANN was able to obtain one of the dismissal letters sent to one worker.

“We dont know what to do now, we have family to take care of, is it that we dont have rights as workers to ask better treatment”, one worker told ANN.

Before going on a strike the workers told ANN that they contacted the labour department for advice, the workers said they were told that labor department doesn’t deal with strikes.

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  1. These employees are not suffering from Post Slave Ancestry Syndrome, they are suffering from Post Slave of the Gonsalves Dynasty Syndrome. What an absolute disgrace, they are fortunate not to have been branded on the chest or forehead.

  2. What we want know is what status does Ginette Harris have, is she a Vincentian, did she get citizenship from the comrade under the dynastical program? Tell us Comrade is this lady part of a family and friends scheme?

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