The Ministry of Education, National Reconciliation, Ecclesiastical Affairs and Information Schools Table Tennis Championships came to an end on Tuesday, Nov. 12th at the Old Anglican School Building in Kingstown.

In the Girls Teams Finals: Girls High School defeated the Bequia Community High School 3 games to 1
Delecia Michael (Bequia Community High) beat Kiarra Hazell (Girls High School)b 11/6 11/2
Leah Cumberbatch (Girls High School) beat Derecia Michael (Bequia Community High) 11/3 11/7
Karissa Moses ( Girls High School) beat Javisha Bentick ( Bequia Community High) 11/9 11/9
Leah Cumberbatch beat Delecia Michael 11/6 4/11 11/7

In the Boys Teams finals: SVG Grammar School defeated the St.Josephs Convent Marriaqua 3 games to love .
Michel Creese (Grammar school) beat Tyion Burgin ( Convent Marriqua) 11/6 11/3
Akeil De Roche ( Grammar school) beat Rio Connell ( Convent Marriaqua) 11/3 11/3
Antwan Tannis ( Grammar School) beat Che’ Connell ( Convent Marriqua) 11/9 11/7

In the Primary Schools Open Singles Girls Finals: Camella Harry (Lower Bay Primary School INC) beat Roshini Samuel ( Layou Government School) 11/7 11/5
In the Primary Schools Open Singles Boys Finals: Pareeze Cudjoe ( lower Bay Primary School INC) beat Glenrick Hazell ( Paget Farm Government School) 11/9 11/7

In the Secondary Open Singles Girls Semifinals: Derecia Michael (Bequia Community High school) beat Leah Cumberbatch ( Girls High School) 11/8 12/10
Vedel Charles( St.Josephs Convent Kingstown) beat Shanecia Delpeshe ( Troumaca Ontario Secondary School) 4/11 11/8 12/10
In the Finals: Vedel Charles defeated Derecia Michael 11/5 8/11 11/8

In the Secondary Open Singles Boy Semifinals: Caleb Howard beat Mirac Creese = 11/9 11/6 11/5
Michel Creese beat Joshua Joseph 11/8 11/3 11/2
In the Finals: Michel Creese defeated Caleb Howard 7/11 11/7 11/8 11/9

Michel Creese was voted the MVP for Secondary School Boys, Vedel Charles St.Josephs Convent (Kingstown) for Secondary Girls.
Pareeze Cudjoe (Lower Bay Primary INC)was voted MVP for Primary school Boys, Camella Harry (Lower Bay Primary INC) for Primary Girls.