An amputee is singing praises to his childhood friend for supplying him with a much needed prosthetic leg. Murray’s Village resident, Maxwell Brewster is grateful to Kevon ‘Kream’ Cyrus who has provided him with the prosthetic leg.

Brewster who is also a diabetic told ANN, he lost his leg over 16 months ago when he got a small cut on his foot that wasn’t healing. Brewester told ANN, he couldn’t afford the prosthetic leg because he wasn’t working and it would’ve cost him over XCD 10,000.

He added that before Cyrus assisted him, many made promises to him in that regard but they were not true to their promises. “However, some persons would’ve assisted me with food because I couldn’t work and for that am very grateful “, he said.

Brewster who was hospitalized for six months said he also suffers with kidney and heart problems. After being discharged from the hospital, he met his childhood friend, who after having a discussion with him decided to source the prosthetic leg for him. 

“Within two weeks of promising me the leg, Cyrus called me to tell me the leg is here, I was really suprised, I didn’t expect him to source it so fast”. Brewester said . Cyrus told ANN it was always in him to help persons in need and knowing Brewster since childhood, it was painful to see him in this situation, losing one his legs at such a young age. I met him at the hospital walking with a crotch and immediately inquired how I could assist him.

He told me it would be very costly to get a prosthetic leg, Cyrus said. I told him within two weeks, I would do my research and get him a leg. I then went online, researched and got him the leg.

Cyrus said this is not the first time that he is helping persons in need, I have helped students with payments for CXC subjects, school uniforms and in so many other ways .

Cyrus who is a trained Accountant is one of the persons looking to replace Arnhim Eustace in the East Kingstown Constituency in the upcoming General Elections .

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  1. So proud of you Kream. ….I know how losing a limb can break down these people . They want to resume their normal routine of independence but due to finial constraints they are locked in a vicious cycle

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