The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Referees Association held its Congress on Monday 02nd December, 2019 at the SVG Football Federation Conference Room. The meeting was chaired by president David Lewis, who opted not to stand for re-election. He gave an overview of the past two (2) years with him as the helm and wished the incoming individuals success. The Congress elections were supervised by General Secretary Devron E Poyer and witnessed by 2nd Vice President Wayne Grant.

SVG Referees Association elected members are
 President Elron Lewis

 Vice President Shesford John

 Treasurer Mahalia Thomas

 Secretary Maxiam Richardson

 P.R.O John Hinds

 Committee Members Elron Poyer, Debbie Jordan & Michael Williams

The Referees Association executive will serve for the period 2020 to 2022.

President Elron Lewis in his brief remarks thanked outgoing president, David Lewis for the work he did with his executive while promising changes in a number of key areas for the referees.

One such point he mentioned was to outfit all match officials so they can be identified while going to games.

SVGFF President Carl Dickson briefly addressed the Congress and congratulated the Referees Association for their work in football as officials.

He urged the new executive to lean on the seasoned and senior officials for support and guidance while pointing out that their duties not only begins when they take the field but off the field and in their everyday life, and so such things as composure, character and maturity are critical to them performing their duties.

Technical Director Keith Ollivierre also spoke and encouraged the new executive.

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