With the increasing incidence of cancer within St Vincent ant the Grenadines and the region. Two members of the SCORCH Cancer Support Foundation Dr. Jozelle Miller (President) and Ms. Telecia Bynoe (Secretary) participated in a regional Cancer awareness conference held in Anguilla from the 27th November to the 2nd December 2019.

 The SCORCH Cancer Support Foundation with its mandate to provide support to persons who are diagnosed with any form of cancer continue to champion the fight against this disease.

This conference was facilitated by the Anguilla Community Action Network (ACAN) which was held to celebrate their thirteenth anniversary as an organization. The Organization’s objective is to bring awareness and provide support to Anguilla’s who are living with and affected by HIV and AIDS and Cancer.

The primary objective of this Conference was to form a regional network to provide support to persons affected by these diseases. Representatives from across the region participated in this event.  It comprised The SCORCH Cancer Support Foundation (St Vincent and the Grenadines) The Cancer Center Eastern Caribbean (Antigua) Breast Friends (Antigua), The HIV and AIDS Unit (Antigua) and ACAN (Anguilla).

 The Member of SCORCH actively participated in the activities of the conference. It included a panel discussion on the importance of psychosocial support for persons living with and affected by these illnesses and general information as it relates to these diseases.  Dr. Miller of the SCORCH Caner Support Foundation Presented on the role of psychosocial Support in treating these Chronic illnesses. She advocated for the importance of support from the Anguillan population on A radio program held on Klass fm.

A community health fair was also conducted which encouraged the screening of breast and prostate cancer, church service to commemorate World AIDS Day and a cancer awareness conference with medical practitioners across the region.

The SCORCH Cancer Support Foundation recognize the need to provide support to persons living with and affected by cancer and continue to encourage persons to Survive Strong, be Courageous, Optimistic, Resilient, Confident and Hopeful In spite of.

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