On Thursday 5th December 2019, Prime Minister Dr. Hon Ralph Gonsalves paid a visit to the Central Leeward Secondary School in Peter’s Hope to celebrate with the students and teachers of that school.

This visit was prompted by the outcome of the just concluded secondary school football tournament that saw both teams from the Central Leeward Secondary School winning their respective divisions.

students and teachers

In addressing the hall of student and staff, Prime Minister Gonsalves recounted fondly the confrontations between parents and supporters of the Central Leeward Secondary School Warriors and himself, who were there supporting the Georgetown Secondary School Gladiators, a school from his constituency.

He also encouraged the students to utilise the opportunities available to them through the education revolution that guarantee each child of secondary school age, access to secondary education.

There was also a question and answer segment during which time, students posed questions to the Prime Minister. One of the issues raised by one of the students was that of football shoes for the members of the team, and In responding to that issue, the Prime Minister offered to provide  football shoes for each member of both teams, a total of 50 pairs of shoes and half dozen balls, an announcement that drew thunderous applause.

Following the general activity, the Prime Minister then met with the principal and staff, and had very fruitful discussions where a number of issues affecting the school were addressed, the included students performance, security and issues affecting staff.

The principal thanked the Honourable Prime Minister for the visit and the opportunity afforded the staff to engage in such a direct way.

As part of his visit to the school, the Prime Minister took the liberty of purchasing lunch and having lunch delivered to the school for  members of both football teams and members of staff and he took the time to enjoy a meal with the students.

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