At least one defence lawyer here feels that Senior Prosecutor Adolphus Delpleche is overworked.Attorney Grant Connell made his feeling known on Monday when the prosecution requested an adjournment in a matter, on the grounds that the Senior Prosecutor who had charge of the case was absent.

The case involved Connell’s client Adryll Sylvester, who is charged with possession of four pounds of marijuana with intent to supply.”Mr. Delpleche is overworked in this court, and when he is sick, there is nobody else to pick up,” Connell declared.He pointed out that there were three competent prosecutors at the bar table, and the matter in question had been before the court since February, and the drugs were tested since July.”You can’t hinge everything on Delpleche; he is overworked,” the lawyer insisted.Connell noted that his client had his receipt from the cannabis authority to show that he had applied for a traditional cultivator’s licence to get involved in the Modern Medicinal Marijuana Industry.But Crown Counsel Rene Simmonds told the Court that the Senior Prosecutor had charge of the case, and in the interest of justice, the prosecution should be given time to present its case competently.Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne did not agree that competence was the issue here, but she granted another adjournment to December 10.