The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation held an Extraordinary Congress on Saturday 07th December, 2019 at Expert Computer Conference Room, upstairs the Music Centre from 9:30 p.m.

Nine (9) persons were up for the position of Committee Members with only five (5) slots to be filled. See the results from todays’ Congress.

Committee Members Nominees & Results

  1. Dwight Baptiste
  2. Rosalo Mc Kie
  3. Otnell Douglas
  4. James Browne
  5. Yosiah Dascent
  6. Yoland London
  7. Clemroy Francois
  8. Earl Bennette
  9. Germano Douglas

42 votes 35 votes 33 votes 30 votes 29 votes 26 votes 22 votes 12 votes 9 votes

Dwight Baptiste, Rosalo Mc Kie, Otnell Douglas, James Browne and Yosiah Dascent joined the Executive Committee for the period of 2019 to 2024. The team is being led by President Carl Dickson who was elected along with 1st Vice President Otashie Spring, 2nd Vice President Wayne Grant and 3rd Vice President Dwight Roberts on Saturday 23rd November at the 2019 Congress.

A total of forty-nine (49) of the fifty-three (53) affiliates were present and voted at the Extraordinary Congress.

The Congress was chaired by General Secretary Devron E Poyer with Wayne Williams, a past president of the SVG Basketball Association acting as the supervisor of elections.