A four minutes and forty three seconds (4:43) audio recording of what sounds like the most brutal beating a man has ever dished out on a woman is currently making the rounds on local social media.

Here is a transcribed version of what was apparently an intentional recording made by the woman being abused.

Woman: Luke just leave me
Man: Yo, yo why the fxxk you open the door just now and try to jump out? Yo tryin’ geh me in trouble?
Woman: Because ah –
Woman is heard sobbing
Man : (yelling) yo know if yo drop out- even though you drop out by accident that they gwine lack me up?
Woman: Because ah cyar tak – because yo beat in me fxxkin head Lukie!
Man : No, yo try jump out before ah hit yo
Woman: Lukie wah yo mean I try jump –
Luke: Oh so yo gwine try jump out again? Ok cool.
Woman: Lukie just leave me… (sobs)…Man: Yo gwine jump out again?!
Woman: ah beg yo please just leave Man: Yo leave the fxxkin th-!
Woman: (screams) Lukie!
Man : Close de door! Close de fxxkin door!! Close it again in yo muddacxxt! Close it! Close It!!
At this point sounds resembling slaps or possibly chops are heard, interspersed with yelling and screaming.
Man: I say t – [smack] Close it! [smack] Ah say close it!
Woman: Lukie I recording you!! I recording you (cries)
Man: Close it!!! Ok don’t close it! [smack] Don’t [smack] close it! Don’t close it! [smack] Close it!! Close it!! Close it!!
Woman sobs: Oh my god… oh my god
Man: Open it again! Open it in yo muddacxxt! Leh me stap… I gwine stap, I gwine stap an I want you open it!! Yo war play harden? Yo feel you harden more than any fxxkin bady. Open it! Look it deh. Open it nuh?
Woman: Lukie. Lukie..?
Man: no just open de door… lemme carry down e window. You open it! Open that door. I want you to open the door
Rustling sounds
Woman: (screams unintelligibly) Lukie stop!… Lukie stop
Man: close de door. Close de doh.
Woman: Lukie stop! Lukie stop!! Luke please ah begging forgi … [unintelligible scream]
More smacking sounds are heard between the woman’s scream and the man yelling.
Man : Close de door.. close de –
Woman: [screams intensify]Luuukie! Luuuukie! Pleease! Luuukie [unintelligible]
Woman: nobody ain’ deh
Woman: [screams unintelligibly]
Man: way yo say yo gwine do?
Woman: [screams] Lukie stop! Luuuke stop!
Man: Way yo say yo gwine do? Way yo say yo gwine do?! Way yo say yo gwine do?! Way yo say yo gwine do?!
Woman: [screams] Lukie staaap! Luke stap! ok ok ok ah sarr-
More blows are heard connecting.
Luke: I doh wa yo- I doh wah- I doh wah yo pretend. Don’t pretend. Don’t pretend. Don’t pretend
Woman moans
Man: Ah warn yo bout me. Yo [smack] think I is dem fxxkin youtman?! yo think[smack] I is fxxkin?! [smack] Yo think I is dem youtman eh? Eh? Eh?
Woman: Ah sarree! Ah sarree! Lukie ah sarree!! Lukie ah sarree! Lukie ah sarree!! Ah saree ah sarree
Man: Ah fed up [smack] ah fed up talk to yo! Ah fed up talk to yo! eh? Yo think I’s dem fxxkin youtman deh?
Woman: Lukie ah sorry…
Man : Yo sa?! Yo ain’t sorry! Yo never sorry. Yo does lie.
Woman: lehggo me hand
Man: Doh tell me dat
More smacks and screams from the woman.
Woman: [screams] help me please! [screams] help me please! [screams]

Man: okay. Well I gwine kill yo this time.
Car engine is heard as if driving.
Man: For sure, for sure
Woman: Lukie please
Man: doh worry bout that
Woman: Lukie please stop
Man: Don’t worry bout that!
Woman: Lukie please stop
Man: Don’t worry bout that
Woman: Lukie please..
Man: yo dun mek de fxxkin, base – so the base is set
Woman: Luke look yo mekkin me bleeding
Man: No da’s ok. De base set. So one ah we ah dead an one ah we ah go ah jail.. da’s all I know
Woman: Luke please stop
Man: Yo me ain’t talking to you anuh. Just –
Woman: Luke please stop. Luke please stop… please stop
Man: I fed up. I fed up
Woman: I ain’t go try escape
Man: My son, my son anuh. .. when it come to my son – I could love you but when it come to my son.. do not, do not…
Meanwhile the woman is heard begging the man to “please stop.” Eventually she says
Woman: Lukie look how yo beating me up. Of all persons[cries]
Luke: …Yo see today
Woman: Lukie of all persons yo beating me up. Me Aneesia, Luke?! Luke just pull over please leh we talk!
Man: I ain’t talking to you. When I wanted to talk to you, yo know wah yo tell me? Way yo tell me?
Aneesia: Luke lehgo me hand [sobs]
Man: Yow stop nuh man before I geh vex anuh.
Anesia: Lukiee please!
Man: Yow ah me stop foo real?
Aneesia: yes!
Luke: [unintelligible]
Aneesia: I dor care, ah doh care, ah doh care, ah doh care. Just let me go please. Lukie lehgo me hand! yo dun beat me up so fxxkin much…
Man: I ain’t done yet
Aneesia: So way yo gwine do? Yo gwine fxxkin kill me? Please Lukie just leh me go…
The recording ends with the lady pleading with Lukie for her freedom.

Sources tokd ANN that the man in question is a worker at one SVG utilty conpany .

ANN contacted the police who up to press saud that no known report or arrest has been made in the incident .

The police however to ANN thst the matter would be looked into .

This incident is believed to have occurred mid Tuesday evening.

Persons with any information relating to this incident are urged to contact the nearest police station.



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