In photo: SVGCC Head Librarian Pearl McMaster (left), Cyp Nehall (third from left), SVGCC students (center), Sebastian “Bassy” Alexander (second from right) and Director of SVGCC Nigel Scott (right).

The library of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College now has an additional 1,000 books on its shelves; thanks to Canada-based Vincentian Dr. David Joyette.

The books, which the college intends to share with the National Public Library, were hande over to the institution on Tuesday 11th
February 2020 by Mr. Cyp Nehall andMr. Bassy Alexander, longtime friends of Joyette. Director of the SVGCC, Nigel Scott, lauded Joyette’s donation and expressed that it is citizens like him who help to make the task of educating the nation’s youth easier.

Joyette, who did not attend secondary school due to family obligations, now holds a PhD, and is a Human Resources Management trainer, facilitator, and coach, with a scholarly background in physical sciences, behavioural psychology, and business. Much of his success he attributes to his love for reading.