Dubbed ‘Is This Love?’ the month long campaign is set to feature a series of short videos and posters that would highlight the plight of domestic abuse victims.

Chill’n, formerly the Bounty, is co-owned by accomplished entrepreneur Dr. Jacqueline Lyttle and her husband Vincentian born, international recording artiste Kevin Lyttle. The restaurant, which also includes a lounge and bar, closed its doors approximately 4 weeks ago for an “ambience upgrade as well as to put things in place to serve our customers better,” according to marketing and public relations consultant Candice Sealey. “Chill’n is open to the public from Wednesday 19th February but the ‘Is This Love?’ campaign would start before,” Sealey said in an ANN exclusive.

Sealey also said, “Studies show that for victims of gender based violence, women especially, Valentine’s can be a very terrible time. They’re forced to show love when they really don’t want to or at least reminded of their situations because of whatever it is they’re going through. Valentine’s can be a really hard time for women who are suffering from domestic abuse but they are often not at the forefront of people’s minds at this critical time.”

The campaign is set to highlight different scenarios in abusive relationships to get people to think – are those types of behaviours really love?” Sealey explained. It is meant to promote self-love by inviting people to give “their relationships a health check and also to promote the idea of seeking help.”

Partner in this initiative, Leave Out Violence in SVG’s (LOVNSVG) hotline number would be attached to all campaign media as part of satisfying this last objective. Additionally the non-profit charity is charged with nominating 3 survivors of gender based violence who would be treated to a Chill’n VIP experience. “Love is not abuse, love is not if you do not beat me you do not love me. It is time that we understand the true definition of love that we understand that love is care, friendship, understanding, communication etc. Violence against women has become an epidemic and we are losing our women to this grave epidemic. We need to unite on all fronts to curb this issue. As I said and would express again women united is one powerful force. May we understand the full depth of violence against women and give it the priority it deserves,” the charity’s president Nailah John told us.

Inside Chill’n the motif prominently features a Women’s Celebration Wall designed by renowned Vincentian visual artist Calvert Jones. The theme depicts a series of Vincentian women earnest in their support of ending the gender based scourge. Autographs are another boldly celebrated characteristic in this new ambience, according to Sealey who is also a member of the management team at the 5 years old eatery. Some signatures are already in place and featured amongst them are notables such as entertainers Mya, Luta and Benjai.

“We’re encouraging people, on the 19th when the restaurant opens, to come in and lend their support to the cause by coming and singing the wall as well. We’re encouraging people to think of it beyond Valentine’s Day. International Women’s Day is March 8th so we’re encouraging people to come in, sign the wall on the 19th and beyond leading up to International Women’s Day,” Sealey invited.

‘Is This Love?’ content would be shared via all LOVNSVG and Chill’n social media platforms as well as throughout the Kingstown based restaurant, bar and complimentary wi-fi lounge.

This though is not the first nor, hopefully, would it be the last such initiative. The partners worked together on their 2016 ‘card for a cause’ charity collaboration. The Chill’n designed Mothers’ Day cards were sold in-house and proceeds were donated to LOVNSVG.