The Belmont Government School celebrated its Numeracy, Literacy and Spanish week from Monday 17 – Friday 21 February.

The week kicked off with the school’s celebration of numeracy as promoted by the theme “Maths in Focus, One Concept at a Time.” On Monday students were all encouraged to make “class presentations on the Mathematical strands,” school principal Suzette Charles-Williams told Asbert News Network. As such, each class displayed one of the five mathematical concepts. Then on Tuesday the children marched around the grounds, chanting the theme in a lively Math Parade.

‘Where Fantasy can Become Reality’ was the theme through which Literacy concepts were brought to life. And all members of the school population were excited. Teachers and students donned popular storybook character costumes for Wednesday’s Storytelling and Character Day.

With even some teachers and their pupils dressing up in similar costumes. “It was sooo much fun. One of my teachers was dressed like me. I was dressed as the LOL unicorn and I enjoyed it and I want it to happen every year,” six years old Kae’Dawn told ANN.

Teachers and students

“One teacher read a story and the students chimed in when necessary,” the Principal explained about Wednesday’s activities. “Also, students had to describe and talk about the character they were dressed as.”

Thursday was dedicated to the very competitive sight word relay. On this day the students were paired in teams – Grades 1&2, 3&4 and 5&6; then they raced around the 5 word stations mimicking a life sized relay except each athlete must pronounce the assigned word at the station in order to ‘pass the baton.’ If the pupil failed to call the word s/he could not run ahead to touch his/her partner to continue the race.

And Friday was reserved for another literacy challenge day – this time in a foreign language. The student population engaged in a Spanish Spelling B with highly anticipated inter-grade competition.

Kendra Horne public relations officer for the School’s Parent/Teachers Association pointed out the fact that the idea for the week-long festivities was conceptualized by the staff since last August’s professional development week. She said, “Really the PTA executive, the school staff and parents are close knitted and committed. Committed to enhance the minds of or children. We will continue to raise our standards while allowing the children to have fun while learning.”

Next on the Belmont Government School’s calendar is their March 20 Career Day. Principal Suzette Charles-Williams said that activity is expected “to sensitize students about the different careers available so they can make early choices to enable them to make meaningful contributions to society.”

“Yes we celebrate Easter every year with our church service. It’s always nice and well put together,” Kendra Horne, PRO of the mostly past student populated PTA, told us of the school’s March 26th Easter church service which is hosted at the school grounds.

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