The government has announced that the Cuban doctors and nurses who will arrive Antigua on Thursday, March 26, 2020, are experienced in the management of infectious diseases.

The Cuban team will be supplementing the Antigua and Barbuda teams that have been assigned to the airport and the seaport, the Margetson Ward Infectious Disease Center (IDC) and the Mount St. John Medical Center. Screenings at the V.C. Bird International Airport will continue to be carried out by the additional doctors and nurses; and, the arriving passengers will be allowed entry if several conditions are met.

The passengers must show no signs of illnesses connected to the coronavirus, and their temperatures must also be normal; the travel history of the passengers will also be enquired into by way of the cards and by questioning, in order to determine if a passenger will be quarantined or allowed entry. The guidelines that have already been established and are meticulously followed, have been designed by the PAHO.

Passengers who have visited certain identified countries within the past 28 days will be quarantined, regardless of nationality.