An early morning robbery in Colonaire was thwarted by watchful neighbors who alerted one family to a trio of burglars.

Sources claim the family was asleep in their home when the trespassers broke into their residence sometime after 2 a.m.

“They didn’t know the house was broken into until the neighbor saw one of them and started to make noise and called the police.”

Members of a patrolling squad responded almost immediately but only caught up with one of the alleged thieves. “Two of the guys run but the one who is in the video and photo was hiding under a shed and after the police buss two shots he was scared and he tried to run and the police caught him.”

ANN understands that a quantity of items was recovered from a “white car” parked nearby. They included stolen property from the home whose neighbors sounded the alarm such as “TV, transformer, cellphone with chargers, gold chain, sneakers and bags” as well as other articles believed to have been stolen elsewhere.

Get away on the scene in colonarie

A video of a young man in police custody was shared across the Asbert News Network and while details relating to his name, age and specific home address are as yet forthcoming, persons identified him as something of an “ital cook” based in Campden Park.

“He surprised me. I never knew he was a thief. He built his little shack and was making his finger foods and sold snacks. Wow never knew my friend was a thief. Lord help him,” one ANN subscriber posted in response to the video.

A person, in the video, whose face is off camera, is seen removing a charger from the assumed crook’s pocket before the supposed thief’s face is slapped. Persons could be heard calling to “buss de man face,” and “gee de man some gun butt in he mouth,” amidst the youngster’s claims of innocence.

“Me nah even go in de house,” he said while another male voice could be heard interrogating him. “So way de rest man ah dem deh?” His response seemed to be “the man dem bin deh deh – me homeless.”

Interestingly the officer who was visibly restraining the apparent perpetuator did not have a pair of handcuffs so one was fashioned from the prisoner’s belt after he half-heartedly attempted to run away.

This resulted in something of a tussle,
heard but not clearly seen, as neighbors and police closed in to prevent his escape.

One male voice could be heard calling “Wacka” for a cutlass to “chop off de man hand.” The same speaker told the officer earlier in the 5 minutes long recording, “if ah me bin meet um anuh boy, pardna me ah dun chop off yo neck and leave yo under de shed deh seriously.”

The suspect, visibly shaken, could be heard saying, “me tell aryo ah nuh me go in de house,” as people seem to physically unleash their frustrations on him.

One female said, “boy yo war fight the police?” as the sound of blows connecting is captured though no precise actions could be seen. That same female, it seems, also said “hold um, hold um, you go inna [unintelligible] house and tek all de ting ah dem boy? Hold um down! Hold um down!”

Another female mediated and urged, “don’t do that. Tek off he belt and use it as a handcuff.” As that is being done at least one other individual is heard identifying and laying claim to some jewelry.

ANN was reliably informed, that the suspected thief confessed to police, “he was under KFC when the other two guys came up in the car and told him ‘leh we go lick ah shot’ and he go with them.”

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